This component implements the following interfaces:


No time and/or size limit specified
PRInt32 nsILDAPOperation.NO_LIMIT = 0


nsIMutableArray nsILDAPOperation.clientControls

nsISupports nsILDAPOperation.closure

Private parameter (anything caller desires)

readonly nsILDAPConnection nsILDAPOperation.connection

The connection this operation is on.

readonly PRInt32 nsILDAPOperation.messageID

The message-id associated with this operation.

readonly nsILDAPMessageListener nsILDAPOperation.messageListener

Callback for individual result messages related to this operation (set by the init() method). This is actually an nsISupports proxy object, as the callback will happen from another thread.

nsIMutableArray nsILDAPOperation.serverControls

If specified, these arrays of nsILDAPControls are passed into the LDAP C SDK for any extended operations (ie method calls on this interface ending in "Ext").


nsILDAPOperation void abandonExt ( )
nsILDAPOperation void init ( nsILDAPConnection connection , nsILDAPMessageListener messageListener , nsISupports closure )
nsILDAPOperation void searchExt ( AUTF8String baseDn , PRInt32 scope , AUTF8String filter , PRUint32 attrCount , arrayof char* attributes , PRIntervalTime timeOut , PRInt32 sizeLimit )
nsILDAPOperation void simpleBind ( AUTF8String passwd )

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