This component implements the following interfaces:


Result of a bind operation
PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.RES_BIND = 97
An entry found in an search operation.
An LDAPv3 search reference (a referral to another server)
The result of a search operation (i.e. the search is done; no more entries to follow).
The result of a modify operation.
PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.RES_MODIFY = 103
The result of an add operation
PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.RES_ADD = 105
The result of a delete operation
PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.RES_DELETE = 107
The result of an modify DN operation
PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.RES_MODDN = 109
The result of a compare operation
PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.RES_COMPARE = 111
The result of an LDAPv3 extended operation
PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.RES_EXTENDED = 120


readonly AUTF8String nsILDAPMessage.dn

The Distinguished Name of the entry associated with this message.

readonly PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.errorCode

The result code (aka lderrno) for this message.

IDL definitions for these constants live in nsILDAPErrors.idl.

readonly AUTF8String nsILDAPMessage.errorMessage

Additional error information optionally sent by the server.

readonly AUTF8String nsILDAPMessage.matchedDn

In LDAPv3, when the server returns any of the following errors: NO_SUCH_OBJECT, ALIAS_PROBLEM, INVALID_DN_SYNTAX, ALIAS_DEREF_PROBLEM, it also returns the closest existing DN to the entry requested.

readonly nsILDAPOperation nsILDAPMessage.operation

The operation this message originated from

readonly PRInt32 nsILDAPMessage.type

The result type of this message. Possible types listed below, the values chosen are taken from the draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-04.txt and are the same ones used in the ldap.h include file from the Mozilla LDAP C SDK.


nsILDAPMessage void getAttributes ( out PRUint32 count , out arrayof char* attributes )
nsILDAPMessage void getBinaryValues ( char* attr , out PRUint32 count , out nsILDAPBERValue values )
nsILDAPMessage void getValues ( char* attr , out PRUint32 count , out arrayof PRUnichar* values )
nsILDAPMessage PRUnichar* toUnicode ( )

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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