This component implements the following interfaces:


PRUint32 nsILDAPConnection.VERSION2 = 2
PRUint32 nsILDAPConnection.VERSION3 = 3


readonly AUTF8String nsILDAPConnection.bindName

DN to bind as. use the init() method to set this.

nsISupports nsILDAPConnection.closure

Private parameter (anything caller desires)

readonly PRUnichar* nsILDAPConnection.errorString

The string version of lderrno


nsILDAPConnection PRInt32 getLdErrno ( out AUTF8String matched , out AUTF8String s )
nsISupportsWeakReference nsIWeakReference GetWeakReference ( )
nsILDAPConnection void init ( char* host , PRInt32 port , PRBool SSL , AUTF8String bindName , nsILDAPMessageListener messageListener , nsISupports closure , PRUint32 version )
nsIDNSListener void onLookupComplete ( nsICancelable request , nsIDNSRecord record , nsresult status )

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