This component implements the following interfaces:


PRInt32 nsIMIMEInfo.saveToDisk = 0
PRInt32 nsIMIMEInfo.alwaysAsk = 1
PRInt32 nsIMIMEInfo.useHelperApp = 2
PRInt32 nsIMIMEInfo.handleInternally = 3
PRInt32 nsIMIMEInfo.useSystemDefault = 4


PRBool nsIMIMEInfo.alwaysAskBeforeHandling

AlwaysAskBeforeHandling: if true, we should always give the user a dialog asking how to dispose of this content.

AString nsIMIMEInfo.applicationDescription

A pretty name description of the preferred application.

readonly AString nsIMIMEInfo.defaultDescription

A pretty name description of the associated default application. Only usable if hasDefaultHandler is true.

AString nsIMIMEInfo.description

A human readable description of the MIME info.

readonly PRBool nsIMIMEInfo.hasDefaultHandler

Indicates whether a default application handler exists, i.e. whether launchWithFile with action = useSystemDefault is possible and applicationDescription will contain usable information.

PRUint32 nsIMIMEInfo.macCreator

PRUint32 nsIMIMEInfo.macType

Mac Type and creator types

readonly ACString nsIMIMEInfo.MIMEType

The MIME type of this MIMEInfo.

nsMIMEInfoHandleAction nsIMIMEInfo.preferredAction

PreferredAction is how the user specified they would like to handle this content type: save to disk, use specified helper app, use OS default handler or handle using navigator.

nsIFile nsIMIMEInfo.preferredApplicationHandler

Returns a nsIFile that points to the application the user has said they want associated with this content type. This is not always guaranteed to be set!!

AUTF8String nsIMIMEInfo.primaryExtension

Returns the first extension association in the internal set of extensions.


nsIMIMEInfo void appendExtension ( AUTF8String extension )
nsIMIMEInfo PRBool equals ( nsIMIMEInfo MIMEInfo )
nsIMIMEInfo PRBool extensionExists ( AUTF8String extension )
nsIMIMEInfo nsIUTF8StringEnumerator getFileExtensions ( )
nsIMIMEInfo void launchWithFile ( nsIFile file )
nsIMIMEInfo void setFileExtensions ( AUTF8String extensions )

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