This component implements the following interfaces:


PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.defaultSocket = 0
PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.tryTLS = 1
PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.alwaysUseTLS = 2
PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.useSSL = 3
PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.keepDups = 0
PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.deleteDups = 1
PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.moveDupsToTrash = 2
PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.markDupsRead = 3


readonly AString nsIMsgIncomingServer.accountManagerChrome

PRBool nsIPop3IncomingServer.authenticated

PRBool nsIPop3IncomingServer.authLogin

PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.biffMinutes

PRUint32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.biffState

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canBeDefaultServer

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canCompactFoldersOnServer

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canCreateFoldersOnServer

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canDelete

Can this server be removed from the account manager? for instance, local mail is not removable, but an imported folder is

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canEmptyTrashOnExit

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canFileMessagesOnServer

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canHaveFilters

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canSearchMessages

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.canUndoDeleteOnServer

readonly PRUnichar* nsIMsgIncomingServer.constructedPrettyName

Helper function to construct the pretty name in a server type specific way - e.g., mail for foo@test.com, news on news.mozilla.org

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.defaultCopiesAndFoldersPrefsToServer

If the server supports Fcc/Sent/etc, default prefs can point to the server. Otherwise, copies and folders prefs should point to Local Folders.

By default this value is set to true via global pref 'allows_specialfolders_usage' (mailnews.js). For Nntp, the value is overridden to be false. If ISPs want to modify this value, they should do that in their rdf file by using this attribute. Please look at mozilla/mailnews/base/ispdata/aol.rdf for usage example.

PRBool nsIPop3IncomingServer.deferGetNewMail

char* nsIPop3IncomingServer.deferredToAccount

PRBool nsIPop3IncomingServer.deleteByAgeFromServer

PRBool nsIPop3IncomingServer.deleteMailLeftOnServer

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.displayStartupPage

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.doBiff

PRBool nsIPop3IncomingServer.dotFix

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.downloadMessagesAtStartup

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.downloadOnBiff

nsIMsgDownloadSettings nsIMsgIncomingServer.downloadSettings

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.emptyTrashOnExit

readonly nsMsgSearchScopeValue nsIMsgIncomingServer.filterScope

PRBool nsIPop3IncomingServer.headersOnly

char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.hostName

Hostname of the server

PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.incomingDuplicateAction

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.isDeferredTo

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.isSecure

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.isSecureServer

char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.key

Internal pref key - guaranteed to be unique across all servers

PRBool nsIPop3IncomingServer.leaveMessagesOnServer

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.limitOfflineMessageSize

nsIFileSpec nsIMsgIncomingServer.localPath

readonly char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.localStoreType

The schema for the local mail store, such as "mailbox", "imap", or "news" used to construct URIs

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.loginAtStartUp

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.logonFallback

PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.maxMessageSize

PRInt32 nsIPop3IncomingServer.numDaysToLeaveOnServer

PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.offlineSupportLevel

char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.password

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.passwordPromptRequired

If the password for the server is available either via authentication in the current session or from password manager stored entries, return false. Otherwise, return true. If password is obtained from password manager, set the password member variable.

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.performingBiff

PRUint32 nsIPop3IncomingServer.pop3CapabilityFlags

PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.port

PRUnichar* nsIMsgIncomingServer.prettyName

Pretty name - should be "userid on hostname" if the pref is not set

char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.realHostName

Real hostname of the server (if server name is changed it's stored here)

char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.realUsername

Real username of the server (if username is changed it's stored here)

char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.redirectorType

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.rememberPassword

nsIMsgRetentionSettings nsIMsgIncomingServer.retentionSettings

nsIMsgFolder nsIMsgIncomingServer.rootFolder

readonly nsIMsgFolder nsIMsgIncomingServer.rootMsgFolder

nsIPop3Protocol nsIPop3IncomingServer.runningProtocol

readonly nsMsgSearchScopeValue nsIMsgIncomingServer.searchScope

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.serverBusy

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.serverRequiresPasswordForBiff

readonly char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.serverURI

PRInt32 nsIMsgIncomingServer.socketType

readonly nsIMsgFilterPlugin nsIMsgIncomingServer.spamFilterPlugin

nsISpamSettings nsIMsgIncomingServer.spamSettings

Spam settings

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.supportsDiskSpace

char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.type

Protocol type, i.e. "pop3", "imap", "nntp", "none", etc used to construct URLs

char* nsIMsgIncomingServer.username

Userid to log into the server

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.useSecAuth

PRBool nsIMsgIncomingServer.valid


nsIPop3IncomingServer void addUidlToMark ( char* uidl , PRInt32 newStatus )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void clearAllValues ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void clearTemporaryReturnReceiptsFilter ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void CloseCachedConnections ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void configureTemporaryFilters ( nsIMsgFilterList filterList )
nsILocalMailIncomingServer void createDefaultMailboxes ( nsIFileSpec path )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void displayOfflineMsg ( nsIMsgWindow window )
nsIPop3IncomingServer void downloadMailFromServers ( nsISupportsArray servers , nsIMsgWindow msgWindow , nsIMsgFolder folder , nsIUrlListener listener )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRBool equals ( nsIMsgIncomingServer server )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void forgetPassword ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void forgetSessionPassword ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRUnichar* generatePrettyNameForMigration ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRBool getBoolAttribute ( char* name )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRBool getBoolValue ( char* attr )
nsIMsgIncomingServer char* getCharAttribute ( char* name )
nsIMsgIncomingServer char* getCharValue ( char* attr )
nsIMsgIncomingServer nsIFileSpec getFileValue ( char* attr )
nsIMsgIncomingServer nsIMsgFilterList getFilterList ( nsIMsgWindow msgWindow )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRInt32 getIntAttribute ( char* name )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRInt32 getIntValue ( char* attr )
nsIMsgIncomingServer nsIMsgFolder getMsgFolderFromURI ( nsIMsgFolder folderResource , char* URI )
nsILocalMailIncomingServer nsIURI getNewMail ( nsIMsgWindow msgWindow , nsIUrlListener urlListener , nsIMsgFolder inbox )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void getNewMessages ( nsIMsgFolder folder , nsIMsgWindow msgWindow , nsIUrlListener urlListener )
nsIMsgIncomingServer char* getPasswordWithUI ( PRUnichar* promptString , PRUnichar* promptTitle , nsIMsgWindow msgWindow , out PRBool okayValue )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRUnichar* getUnicharAttribute ( char* name )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRUnichar* getUnicharValue ( char* attr )
nsISupportsWeakReference nsIWeakReference GetWeakReference ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRBool isNewHdrDuplicate ( nsIMsgDBHdr newHdr )
nsIPop3IncomingServer void markMessages ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void OnUserOrHostNameChanged ( char* oldName , char* newName )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void PerformBiff ( nsIMsgWindow msgWindow )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void performExpand ( nsIMsgWindow msgWindow )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void removeFiles ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setBoolAttribute ( char* name , PRBool value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setBoolValue ( char* attr , PRBool value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setCharAttribute ( char* name , char* value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setCharValue ( char* attr , char* value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void SetDefaultLocalPath ( nsIFileSpec defaultLocalPath )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setFileValue ( char* attr , nsIFileSpec value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setFilterList ( nsIMsgFilterList filterList )
nsILocalMailIncomingServer void setFlagsOnDefaultMailboxes ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setIntAttribute ( char* name , PRInt32 value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setIntValue ( char* attr , PRInt32 value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setUnicharAttribute ( char* name , PRUnichar* value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void setUnicharValue ( char* attr , PRUnichar* value )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void shutdown ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void storePassword ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer PRUnichar* toString ( )
nsIMsgIncomingServer void WriteToFolderCache ( nsIMsgFolderCache folderCache )

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