This component implements the following interfaces:


Standard full URI with authority component and concept of relative URIs (http, ftp, ...)
PRUint32 nsIProtocolHandler.URI_STD = 0
No concept of relative URIs (about, javascript, finger, ...)
PRUint32 nsIProtocolHandler.URI_NORELATIVE = 1
No authority component (file, ...)
PRUint32 nsIProtocolHandler.URI_NOAUTH = 2
This protocol handler can be proxied via a proxy (socks or http) (e.g., irc, smtp, http, etc.). If the protocol supports transparent proxying, the handler should implement nsIProxiedProtocolHandler.

If it supports only HTTP proxying, then it need not support nsIProxiedProtocolHandler, but should instead set the ALLOWS_PROXY_HTTP flag (see below).

PRUint32 nsIProtocolHandler.ALLOWS_PROXY = 4
This protocol handler can be proxied using a http proxy (e.g., http, ftp, etc.). nsIIOService::newChannelFromURI will feed URIs from this protocol handler to the HTTP protocol handler instead. This flag is ignored if ALLOWS_PROXY is not set.
PRUint32 nsIProtocolHandler.ALLOWS_PROXY_HTTP = 8


readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.canDelete

Can this type of server be removed from the account manager? for instance, local mail is not removable

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.canDuplicate

Can you duplicate this server? for instance, local mail is unique and should not be duplicated.

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.canGetIncomingMessages

Do messages arrive for this server if they do, we can use our junk controls on it.

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.canGetMessages

An attribute that tell us whether on not we can get messages for the given server type this is poorly named right now. it's really is there an inbox for this type? XXX todo, rename this.

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.canLoginAtStartUp

Can this type of server log in at startup?

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.defaultDoBiff

Do biff by default?

nsIFileSpec nsIMsgProtocolInfo.defaultLocalPath

The default path to store local data for this type of server. Each server is usually in a subdirectory below this

readonly PRInt32 nsIProtocolHandler.defaultPort

The default port is the port that this protocol normally uses. If a port does not make sense for the protocol (e.g., "about:") then -1 will be returned.

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.needToBuildSpecialFolderURIs

Do we need to build special folder URIs ? In case of IMAP, special folders like 'Sent', 'Drafts' and 'Templates' are not created unless needed. But, we do need to create folder URIs to reflect the choices in the UI in copies and folders settings panel.

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.preflightPrettyNameWithEmailAddress

If the pretty name of the server should just be the e-mail address. Otherwise it usually ends up being something like "news on hostname"

readonly PRUint32 nsIProtocolHandler.protocolFlags

Returns the protocol specific flags (see flag definitions below).

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.requiresUsername

Does this server type require a username? for instance, news does not but IMAP/POP do

readonly ACString nsIProtocolHandler.scheme

The scheme of this protocol (e.g., "file").

readonly nsIIDPtr nsIMsgProtocolInfo.serverIID

The IID of the protocol-specific interface for this server usually used from JS to dynamically get server-specific attributes

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.showComposeMsgLink

Do we need to show compose message link in the AccountCentral page ?

readonly PRBool nsIMsgProtocolInfo.specialFoldersDeletionAllowed

Do we allow special folder deletion ?


nsIProtocolHandler PRBool allowPort ( PRInt32 port , char* scheme )
nsIPop3Service nsIURI CheckForNewMail ( nsIMsgWindow msgWindow , nsIUrlListener urlListener , nsIMsgFolder inbox , nsIPop3IncomingServer popServer )
nsIMsgProtocolInfo PRInt32 getDefaultServerPort ( PRBool isSecure )
nsIPop3Service nsIURI GetNewMail ( nsIMsgWindow msgWindow , nsIUrlListener urlListener , nsIMsgFolder inbox , nsIPop3IncomingServer popServer )
nsIProtocolHandler nsIChannel newChannel ( nsIURI URI )
nsIProtocolHandler nsIURI newURI ( AUTF8String spec , char* originCharset , nsIURI baseURI )

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