This component implements the following interfaces:


PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.attachSignature

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.attachVCard

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.autocompleteToMyDomain

If this is false, don't append the user's domain to an autocomplete address with no matches

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.autoQuote

char* nsIMsgIdentity.bccList

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.bccOthers

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.bccSelf

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.composeHtml

char* nsIMsgIdentity.directoryServer

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.doBcc

char* nsIMsgIdentity.doBccList

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.doFcc

char* nsIMsgIdentity.draftFolder

char* nsIMsgIdentity.draftsFolderPickerMode

char* nsIMsgIdentity.email

char* nsIMsgIdentity.escapedVCard

char* nsIMsgIdentity.fccFolder

char* nsIMsgIdentity.fccFolderPickerMode

PRUnichar* nsIMsgIdentity.fullName

PRUnichar* nsIMsgIdentity.identityName

char* nsIMsgIdentity.key

PRUnichar* nsIMsgIdentity.organization

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.overrideGlobalPref

readonly PRInt32 nsIMsgIdentity.receiptHeaderType

PRInt32 nsIMsgIdentity.replyOnTop

char* nsIMsgIdentity.replyTo

readonly PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.requestReturnReceipt

Default request for return receipt option for this identity if this is set, the Return Receipt menu item on the compose window will be checked

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.showSaveMsgDlg

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.sigBottom

nsILocalFile nsIMsgIdentity.signature

PRInt32 nsIMsgIdentity.signatureDate

char* nsIMsgIdentity.smtpServerKey

The preferred smtp server for this identity. if this is set, this the smtp server that should be used for the message send

char* nsIMsgIdentity.stationeryFolder

char* nsIMsgIdentity.tmplFolderPickerMode

PRBool nsIMsgIdentity.valid

Valid determines if the UI should use this identity and the wizard uses this to determine whether or not to ask the user to complete all the fields


nsIMsgIdentity void clearAllValues ( )
nsIMsgIdentity void copy ( nsIMsgIdentity identity )
nsIMsgIdentity PRBool getBoolAttribute ( char* name )
nsIMsgIdentity char* getCharAttribute ( char* name )
nsIMsgIdentity PRInt32 getIntAttribute ( char* name )
nsIMsgIdentity PRUnichar* getUnicharAttribute ( char* name )
nsIMsgIdentity void setBoolAttribute ( char* name , PRBool value )
nsIMsgIdentity void setCharAttribute ( char* name , char* value )
nsIMsgIdentity void setIntAttribute ( char* name , PRInt32 value )
nsIMsgIdentity void setUnicharAttribute ( char* name , PRUnichar* value )
nsIMsgIdentity PRUnichar* toString ( )

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