This component implements the following interfaces:


Native data constants
PRInt16 nsIPrintOptions.kNativeDataPrintRecord = 0


readonly PRUnichar* nsIPrintSettingsService.defaultPrinterName

The name of the default printer

readonly nsIPrintSettings nsIPrintSettingsService.globalPrintSettings

Returns a "global" PrintSettings object Creates a new the first time, if one doesn't exist.

Then returns the same object each time after that.

Initializes the globalPrintSettings from the default printer

readonly nsIPrintSettings nsIPrintSettingsService.newPrintSettings

Returns a new, unique PrintSettings object each time.

For example, if each browser was to have its own unique PrintSettings, then each browser window would call this to create its own unique PrintSettings object.

If each browse window was to use the same PrintSettings object then it should use "globalPrintSettings"

Initializes the newPrintSettings from the default printer


nsIPrintOptions nsISimpleEnumerator availablePrinters ( )
nsIPrintOptions nsIPrintSettings CreatePrintSettings ( )
nsIPrintOptions void displayJobProperties ( PRUnichar* printer , nsIPrintSettings printSettings , out PRBool displayed )
nsIPrintOptions [noscript] void GetDefaultFont ( nsNativeFontRef font )
nsIPrintOptions [noscript] voidPtr* GetNativeData ( PRInt16 dataType )
nsIPrintOptions PRInt32 getPrinterPrefInt ( nsIPrintSettings printSettings , PRUnichar* prefName )
nsIPrintSettingsService void initPrintSettingsFromPrefs ( nsIPrintSettings printSettings , PRBool usePrinterNamePrefix , PRUint32 flags )
nsIPrintSettingsService void initPrintSettingsFromPrinter ( PRUnichar* printerName , nsIPrintSettings printSettings )
nsIPrintSettingsService void savePrintSettingsToPrefs ( nsIPrintSettings printSettings , PRBool usePrinterNamePrefix , PRUint32 flags )
nsIPrintOptions [noscript] void SetDefaultFont ( nsNativeFontRef font )
nsIPrintOptions void setFontNamePointSize ( AString name , PRInt32 pointSize )
nsIPrintOptions void ShowPrintSetupDialog ( nsIPrintSettings thePrintSettings )

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