This component implements the following interfaces:


nsIDOMWindow nsIWindowWatcher.activeWindow

The Watcher serves as a global storage facility for the current active (frontmost non-floating-palette-type) window, storing and returning it on demand. Users must keep this attribute current, including after the topmost window is closed. This attribute obviously can return null if no windows are open, but should otherwise always return a valid window.


nsIWindowWatcher nsIWebBrowserChrome getChromeForWindow ( nsIDOMWindow window )
nsIWindowWatcher nsIAuthPrompt getNewAuthPrompter ( nsIDOMWindow parent )
nsIWindowWatcher nsIPrompt getNewPrompter ( nsIDOMWindow parent )
nsIWindowWatcher nsIDOMWindow getWindowByName ( PRUnichar* targetName , nsIDOMWindow currentWindow )
nsIWindowWatcher nsISimpleEnumerator getWindowEnumerator ( )
nsIWindowWatcher nsIDOMWindow openWindow ( nsIDOMWindow parent , char* url , char* name , char* features , nsISupports arguments )
nsIWindowWatcher void registerNotification ( nsIObserver observer )
nsIWindowWatcher void setWindowCreator ( nsIWindowCreator creator )
nsIWindowWatcher void unregisterNotification ( nsIObserver observer )

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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