This component implements the following interfaces:


nsIDOMWindow nsIWebBrowserFindInFrames.currentSearchFrame


Frame at which to start the search. Once the search is done, this will be set to be the last frame searched, whether or not a result was found. Has to be equal to or contained within the rootSearchFrame.

PRBool nsIWebBrowserFind.entireWord


Whether to match entire words only. Default is false.

PRBool nsIWebBrowserFind.findBackwards


Whether to find backwards (towards the beginning of the document). Default is false (search forward).

PRBool nsIWebBrowserFind.matchCase


Whether to match case (case sensitive) when searching. Default is false.

nsIDOMWindow nsIWebBrowserFindInFrames.rootSearchFrame


Frame within which to confine the search (normally the content area frame). Set this to only search a subtree of the frame hierarchy.

PRBool nsIWebBrowserFind.searchFrames


Whether to search through all frames in the content area. Default is true.

Note that you can control whether the search propagates into child or parent frames explicitly using nsIWebBrowserFindInFrames, but if one, but not both, of searchSubframes and searchParentFrames are set, this returns false.

PRBool nsIWebBrowserFindInFrames.searchParentFrames


Whether to allow the search to propagate out of the currentSearchFrame into its parent frame(s). Search is always confined within the rootSearchFrame. Default is true.

Setting nsIWebBrowserfind.searchFrames to true sets this to true.

PRUnichar* nsIWebBrowserFind.searchString


The string to search for. This must be non-empty to search.

PRBool nsIWebBrowserFindInFrames.searchSubframes


Whether to recurse down into subframes while searching. Default is true.

Setting nsIWebBrowserfind.searchFrames to true sets this to true.

PRBool nsIWebBrowserFind.wrapFind


Whether the search wraps around to the start (or end) of the document if no match was found between the current position and the end (or beginning). Works correctly when searching backwards. Default is false.


nsIWebBrowserFind PRBool findNext ( )

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