This component implements the following interfaces:


These flags indicate the state transistions to observe, corresponding to nsIWebProgressListener::onStateChange.

NOTIFY_STATE_REQUEST Only receive the onStateChange event if the aStateFlags parameter includes nsIWebProgressListener::STATE_IS_REQUEST.

NOTIFY_STATE_DOCUMENT Only receive the onStateChange event if the aStateFlags parameter includes nsIWebProgressListener::STATE_IS_DOCUMENT.

NOTIFY_STATE_NETWORK Only receive the onStateChange event if the aStateFlags parameter includes nsIWebProgressListener::STATE_IS_NETWORK.

NOTIFY_STATE_WINDOW Only receive the onStateChange event if the aStateFlags parameter includes nsIWebProgressListener::STATE_IS_WINDOW.

NOTIFY_STATE_ALL Receive all onStateChange events.

PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_STATE_REQUEST = 1
PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_STATE_NETWORK = 4
PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_STATE_WINDOW = 8
PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_STATE_ALL = 15
These flags indicate the other events to observe, corresponding to the other four methods defined on nsIWebProgressListener.

NOTIFY_PROGRESS Receive onProgressChange events.

NOTIFY_STATUS Receive onStatusChange events.

NOTIFY_SECURITY Receive onSecurityChange events.

NOTIFY_LOCATION Receive onLocationChange events.

PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_PROGRESS = 16
PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_STATUS = 32
PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_SECURITY = 64
PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_LOCATION = 128
This flag enables all notifications.
PRUint32 nsIWebProgress.NOTIFY_ALL = 255


readonly nsISupports nsIDocumentLoader.container

readonly nsIChannel nsIDocumentLoader.documentChannel

readonly nsIDOMWindow nsIWebProgress.DOMWindow

The DOM window associated with this nsIWebProgress instance.

readonly PRBool nsIWebProgress.isLoadingDocument

Indicates whether or not a document is currently being loaded in the context of this nsIWebProgress instance.

readonly nsILoadGroup nsIDocumentLoader.loadGroup


nsIWebProgress void addProgressListener ( nsIWebProgressListener listener , PRUint32 notifyMask )
nsIInterfaceRequestor void getInterface ( nsIIDRef uuid , out nsQIResult* result )
nsISupportsWeakReference nsIWeakReference GetWeakReference ( )
nsIProgressEventSink void onProgress ( nsIRequest request , nsISupports context , PRUint64 progress , PRUint64 progressMax )
nsIHttpEventSink void onRedirect ( nsIHttpChannel httpChannel , nsIChannel newChannel )
nsISecurityEventSink void onSecurityChange ( nsISupports i_Context , PRUint32 state )
nsIRequestObserver void onStartRequest ( nsIRequest request , nsISupports context )
nsIProgressEventSink void onStatus ( nsIRequest request , nsISupports context , nsresult status , PRUnichar* statusArg )
nsIRequestObserver void onStopRequest ( nsIRequest request , nsISupports context , nsresult statusCode )
nsIWebProgress void removeProgressListener ( nsIWebProgressListener listener )
nsIDocumentLoader void stop ( )

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