This component implements the following interfaces:


Entry's type is unknown
PRUint32 nsIDirIndex.TYPE_UNKNOWN = 0
Entry is a directory
PRUint32 nsIDirIndex.TYPE_DIRECTORY = 1
Entry is a file
PRUint32 nsIDirIndex.TYPE_FILE = 2
Entry is a symlink
PRUint32 nsIDirIndex.TYPE_SYMLINK = 3


char* nsIDirIndex.contentType

The content type - may be null if it is unknown. Unspecified for directories

PRUnichar* nsIDirIndex.description

A description for the filename, which should be displayed by a viewer

PRTime nsIDirIndex.lastModified

Last-modified time in seconds-since-epoch. -1 means unknown - this is valid, because there were no ftp servers in 1969

char* nsIDirIndex.location

The fully qualified filename, expressed as a uri

This is encoded with the encoding specified in the nsIDirIndexParser, and is also escaped.

PRInt64 nsIDirIndex.size

File size, with -1 meaning "unknown"

PRUint32 nsIDirIndex.type

The type of the entry - one of the constants above

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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