This component implements the following interfaces:


NsCookieAccess values
nsCookieAccess nsICookiePermission.ACCESS_DEFAULT = 0
nsCookieAccess nsICookiePermission.ACCESS_ALLOW = 1
nsCookieAccess nsICookiePermission.ACCESS_DENY = 2
Additional values for nsCookieAccess, which are not directly used by any methods on this interface, but are nevertheless convenient to define here. these may be relocated somewhere else if we ever consider freezing this interface.
nsCookieAccess nsICookiePermission.ACCESS_SESSION = 8


nsICookiePermission nsCookieAccess canAccess ( nsIURI URI , nsIURI firstURI , nsIChannel channel )
nsICookiePermission PRBool canSetCookie ( nsIURI URI , nsIChannel channel , nsICookie2 cookie , inout PRBool isSession , inout PRInt64 expiry )
nsICookiePermission void setAccess ( nsIURI URI , nsCookieAccess access )

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