This component implements the following interfaces:


nsISupports nsISHEntry.cacheKey

readonly PRInt32 nsISHContainer.childCount

The current number of nsISHEntries which are immediate children of the current SHEntry

ACString nsISHEntry.contentType

Attribute to indicate the content-type of the document that this is a session history entry for

nsIContentViewer nsISHEntry.contentViewer

PRBool nsISHEntry.expirationStatus

PRUint32 nsISHEntry.ID

An ID to help identify this entry from others during subframe navigation

readonly PRBool nsIHistoryEntry.isSubFrame

A readonly property that returns a boolean flag which indicates if the entry was created as a result of a subframe navigation. This flag will be 'false' when a frameset page is visited for the first time. This flag will be 'true' for all history entries created as a result of a subframe navigation.

nsILayoutHistoryState nsISHEntry.layoutHistoryState

PRUint32 nsISHEntry.loadType

The loadType for this entry. This is typically loadHistory except when reload is pressed, it has the appropriate reload flag

PRUint32 nsISHEntry.pageIdentifier

PageIdentifier is an integer that should be the same for two entries attached to the same docshell only if the two entries are entries for the same page in the sense that one could go from the state represented by one to the state represented by the other simply by scrolling (so the entries are separated by an anchor traversal or a subframe navigation in some other frame).

nsISHEntry nsISHEntry.parent

nsIInputStream nsISHEntry.postData

nsIURI nsISHEntry.referrerURI

nsISupportsArray nsISHEntry.refreshURIList

PRBool nsISHEntry.saveLayoutStateFlag

PRBool nsISHEntry.sticky

readonly PRUnichar* nsIHistoryEntry.title

A readonly property that returns the title of the current entry. The object returned is a encoded string

readonly nsIURI nsIHistoryEntry.URI

A readonly property that returns the URI of the current entry. The object returned is of type nsIURI

nsISupports nsISHEntry.windowState


nsISHContainer void AddChild ( nsISHEntry child , PRInt32 offset )
nsISHEntry void addChildShell ( nsIDocShellTreeItem shell )
nsISHEntry nsIDocShellTreeItem childShellAt ( PRInt32 index )
nsISHEntry void clearChildShells ( )
nsISHEntry nsISHEntry clone ( )
nsISHEntry void create ( nsIURI URI , AString title , nsIInputStream inputStream , nsILayoutHistoryState layoutHistoryState , nsISupports cacheKey , ACString contentType )
nsISHEntry nsIContentViewer getAnyContentViewer ( out nsISHEntry ownerEntry )
nsISHContainer nsISHEntry GetChildAt ( PRInt32 index )
nsISHEntry void getScrollPosition ( out PRInt32 x , out PRInt32 y )
nsISHEntry [noscript] void getViewerBounds ( nsRect bounds )
nsISHContainer void RemoveChild ( nsISHEntry child )
nsISHEntry void setIsSubFrame ( PRBool flag )
nsISHEntry void setScrollPosition ( PRInt32 x , PRInt32 y )
nsISHEntry void setTitle ( AString title )
nsISHEntry void setURI ( nsIURI URI )
nsISHEntry [noscript] void setViewerBounds ( nsRect bounds )
nsISHEntry void syncPresentationState ( )

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