This component implements the following interfaces:


AUTF8String nsIBrowserHandler.defaultArgs

readonly AUTF8String nsICommandLineHandler.helpInfo

When the app is launched with the -help argument, this attribute is retrieved and displayed to the user (on stdout). The text should have embedded newlines which wrap at 76 columns, and should include a newline at the end. By convention, the right column which contains flag descriptions begins at the 24th character.

AUTF8String nsIBrowserHandler.startPage


nsIFactory void createInstance ( nsISupports outer , nsIIDRef iid , out nsQIResult* result )
nsIBrowserHandler AUTF8String getFeatures ( nsICommandLine cmdLine )
nsICommandLineHandler void handle ( nsICommandLine commandLine )
nsIContentHandler void handleContent ( char* contentType , nsIInterfaceRequestor windowContext , nsIRequest request )
nsIFactory void lockFactory ( PRBool lock )

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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