This component implements the following interfaces:


Possible values for the searchResult attribute
PRUint16 nsIAutoCompleteResult.RESULT_IGNORED = 1
PRUint16 nsIAutoCompleteResult.RESULT_FAILURE = 2
PRUint16 nsIAutoCompleteResult.RESULT_NOMATCH = 3
PRUint16 nsIAutoCompleteResult.RESULT_SUCCESS = 4


readonly PRInt32 nsIAutoCompleteResult.defaultIndex

Index of the default item that should be entered if none is selected

readonly AString nsIAutoCompleteResult.errorDescription

A string describing the cause of a search failure

readonly PRUint32 nsIAutoCompleteResult.matchCount

The number of matches

readonly PRUint16 nsIAutoCompleteResult.searchResult

The result of the search

readonly AString nsIAutoCompleteResult.searchString

The original search string


nsIAutoCompleteResult AString getCommentAt ( PRInt32 index )
nsIAutoCompleteResult AString getStyleAt ( PRInt32 index )
nsIAutoCompleteResult AString getValueAt ( PRInt32 index )
nsIAutoCompleteResult void removeValueAt ( PRInt32 rowIndex , PRBool removeFromDb )

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