This component implements the following interfaces:


nsIAuthPrompt nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.authPrompter

If set, use this object to get a password for logging in to the server.

PRUint32 nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.cjkMinStringLength

AUTF8String nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.filterTemplate

A template used to construct the RFC 1960 LDAP search filter to use while autocompleting.

The authoritative documentation for the format in use can be found at at <http://docs.iplanet.com/docs/manuals/dirsdk/csdk41/html/filter.htm>. The Linux/OpenLDAP man page for ldapfilter.conf(5) does a pretty decent job as well, however.

As of this writing, the "@mozilla.org/autocompleteSession;1?type=ldap" contractid happens to use a default value of ((cn=%v1*%v2-*)(mail=%v1*%v2-*)(sn=%v1*%v2-*))

nsILDAPAutoCompFormatter nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.formatter

Callback used to format an individual LDAP message into an nsIAutoCompleteItem.

AUTF8String nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.login

"Login as..." this ID. Currently, this must be specified as a DN. In the future, we may support userid and/or email address as well. If unset, bind anonymously.

PRInt32 nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.maxHits

At most this many nsIAutoCompleteItems will be returned. This is useful for keeping bandwidth usage over slow-speed connections as well as ensuring that the number of choices offered in the UI is manageble.

1-65535 are interpreted literally 0 means "unlimited" -1 uses the default limit for the LDAP connection in use

PRUint32 nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.minStringLength

Strings shorter than this will return nsIAutoCompleteStatus::ignored rather than triggering a search. This allows browsers to be configured to not search on substrings so short that they aren't indexed by the LDAP server (such searches can use significantly more server resources and return a very large number of entries). cjkMinStringLength is used for CJK languages, and minStringLength for everything else. As of this writing, the "@mozilla.org/autocompleteSession;1?type=ldap" contractid uses defaults of two and zero, respectively. This avoids most unindexed searches with at least one widely-deployed webserver, but allows CJK languages, where a single glyph can be an an entire name to still get results.

nsILDAPURL nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.serverURL

LDAP server to complete against, in ldap: URL format. May change to an nsILDAPServer once that infrastructure lands.

PRUint32 nsILDAPAutoCompleteSession.version

What version of the LDAP protocol should be used? Allowed version number constants are defined in nsILDAPConnection.idl.


nsIAutoCompleteSession void onAutoComplete ( PRUnichar* searchString , nsIAutoCompleteResults previousSearchResult , nsIAutoCompleteListener listener )
nsILDAPMessageListener void onLDAPInit ( nsILDAPConnection conn , nsresult status )
nsILDAPMessageListener void onLDAPMessage ( nsILDAPMessage message )
nsIAutoCompleteSession void onStartLookup ( PRUnichar* searchString , nsIAutoCompleteResults previousSearchResult , nsIAutoCompleteListener listener )
nsIAutoCompleteSession void onStopLookup ( )

Reference documentation is generated from Mozilla's source.

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