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Pilates History 101 - Is it for you?

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People normally wonder what Pilates is and what are its benefits. Pilates is a form of systematic exercise that was developed by Joseph Pilates, who was an immigrant from Germany in 1920 and landed in New York. The focus of this exercise is on core strengthening with your abdominal, back and core muscles. Most people think that Pilates is just for dancers to help them get more balanced and toned, but it has evolved into a more mainstream exercise practice that it can also be used for rehabilitation. With core abdominal strength you get from fitness pilatesif you just have a desk job, you will definitely be able to have a better posture and improve the functioning of the body that will help prevent injuries and body asymmetries.


Literary speaking, pilates can be threatening with equipment such as the Pilates reformer. Joseph Pilates invented the Pilates reformer that makes use of the springs, tension and resistance, but it can also be done with just a mat using just your own body weight. In fact, on the mat, you are more responsible for maintaining the alignment. Pilates Mat also known as “Stott Pilates” can often be more difficult because you need to be more aware of your form while being on the reformer assist you to be in a good body position without the same amount of attention from you.


Pilates offers a wonderful foundation especially if you want to become a body builder and really bulk up since you will develop your core muscles that will eventually support your arms and legs getting more muscular from weight lifting. In fact, it is a sequential course form of exercise that is much safer on your joints. It promotes long, lean muscles and helps maintain elegance to your posture. There are lots of bending; rotation and extension to help you get a full body workout. Since Pilates is a system you need to go through all the motions in order to balance, tone and sculpt in an even fashion rather than just doing bicep curls at the gym to get stronger arms.


The secret of Pilates is that you are going to do stretching and light exercise to tone and strengthen the core muscles. This is mainly important for your overall health, because the core muscles are used to stabilize the body in almost every move we make and use. These muscles help us bend, twist at the waist and they support and strengthen our back. So, that means right away by practicing Pilates, we can avoid back injuries and even be able to recover from back pain once it already exists. Obviously strengthening your core muscle also means something else - you look great and you enjoy a flat stomach and toned legs and buttocks. You will burn calories and tone up and that has many benefits not only for your health but also for your pleasure, confidence and your success in relationships and even careers.


In addition, gentle stretching normally used in Pilates can be very beneficial too. Most pilate exercises involve stretching the spine and gradually opening the vertebrae and massage the area against the mat. If you have a pinched nerve to say so it can be fantastic to help let it out, and to help relieve distress caused by pressure on the muscles or internal organs as well. And in general it can help you to fight against pain in that it is the exercise - which often results in the release of killing endorphins pain.

Stretching generally applies to other areas and you will stretch your hamstrings and your arms and with most movements. This then in turn, causes you to reduce the chances of suffering from an injury to your joints to become more flexible and able to bend and stretch when you make sudden movements. Of course, it becomes easier to move your joints and it is great if you have conditions such as arthritis (although you should check with your doctor before starting a new exercise regime).

Another thing that is very beneficial in pilates is how it teaches you to be more aware of your whole body. Advanced moves involve performing exercise while tightening or squeezing parts of your muscles that you might not even been aware of before, which means that you suddenly become very aware of them and less likely to be injured as you keep better posture and more coordinated movements.

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