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A Message to Google Mail Users

Dear Friend, I know this message may come as a surprise to you. I am Sarah Briage, advisor to the Federal Government of Googleia. I found your contact information through a search over the Internet, and am contacting you because of my need to deal with persons that my country has not previously had business dealings with in the past. The business proposal I wish to initiate with you is of mutual benefit and I must ask that you keep this transaction confidential.

My family has recently come into a large sum of goods due to the creation of a successful Internet Post Office (IPO) by our country. I have urgent need to get a large quantity of these goods out of our country, however much of this has been frozen for the further use of our country in its own efforts.

You may not be aware of the conflict brewing between my country and other nearby countries with similar ambitions. Unfortunately there is danger, as with others that have tried in the past, that my country will fall victim to the unscrupulous business practises of these other countries. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that I be able to export as much as I can attain as soon as possible.

Currently, within my reach is the sum of One Hundred Million Google Mail Invites (WORTH ZERO UNITED STATES DOLLARS), which I intend to use for purposes especially in your country. I request that you distribute the Invites among your most trusted acquaintances, and them alone. In only this way can we insure that they will not be found.

However, due to the current situation in my country concerning the present investors, it has become quite impossible for me to distribute the Invites myself or allow for someone who is untrusted to have any Invites in whole or in part. Thus I seek your assistance in moving them into your hands for safekeeping pending my arrival in your country for investment purposes.

Bearing in mind that your assistance is needed in this regard, I propose a commission of 1 GB (ONE GIGABYTE) of web mail storage space to you for the expected services. May I at this point, emphasize the high level of confidentiality which this business demands, whatever your decision and hope you will not betray the trust and confidence which I repose in you. Please don't forget to indicate your preferred email address where we will be able to always contact you.

However, you may need to give me sufficient assurance that you will indeed follow through on your side and that you will distribute the aforementioned invites as soon as possible. I believe I can trust you and I am willing to accept from you any useful and profitable advice for improvement so that our business relationship may continue. Looking forward to your earliest response to this message,

Please interested or not Direct your response to this Email address: (

Best regards, waiting for your response

Mrs. Sarah Briage