We have come to end of the guide on how XUL templates work. I hope people reading it have learned a bit more about templates and how to use them. Expect to find the whole series on the Mozilla developer documentation site soon, or even sooner if (hint, hint), someone offers to help format it.

The template guide was originally supposed to be a short series, perhaps eight to ten parts, but quickly grew into a 44 part monster that took three and a half months to complete. One main reason for doing the template guide through my weblog rather than post it to a tutorial section was because I wanted to try a new method of writing documentation where I would write in short pieces rather than large blocks at a time. Clearly, it was still a lot of work. If I write another guide like this, I'll make sure to keep it shorter.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the series 'How Templates Work'. Hopefully, the template changes I've been working on for the last half year will make it into a Mozilla build soon. This will make templates much more useful for the future, and, naturally, will require even more documentation.