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November 12, 2002

10:32 PM

Hey! I'm now on the list of official Mozilla Weblogs!

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November 10, 2002

7:28 PM

How come I have never seen these DOM demos from before?

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November 9, 2002

12:11 PM Magic Search Engines

Others are also starting to think a bit about making search tools magic.

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11:50 AM More feedback on feedback

When looking over the feedback I've received on 101 things, a number of people have criticized me for spreading "false information about IE", yet those same people go on to tell me that IE has support for PNG alpha transparency, or standard DOM event handling, or various other things it definitely does not support.

Try looking at this demo of PNG alpha both in Mozilla and IE and compare. Note that the Mac version of IE does support it, but as I say at the top of the list, I wasn't comparing the Mac versions.

People, if you're going to tell me that IE does support something, at least make sure that you actually have evidence to back up your claim.

I admit I was wrong about #85 though. Once I've gone though all the feedback, I'll update the list with some changes, and provide more descriptions for some of them.

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November 7, 2002

10:00 PM On the mouse and keyboard

I've had lots of response to "101 things". I'd say over 40-50% of it to inform me that one can change the font size of a page in IE using a keyboard shortcut -- Control and scrolling the mouse wheel.

While that is true, it doesn't class as a keyboard shortcut. A keyboard shortcut, be definition, requires using the keyboard and not the mouse. As any accessibilty person will tell you, there is quite a difference. For one thing, pressing Control and scrolling the mouse wheel requires two hands. A standard keyboard generally requires this too, but if you can't use a mouse, you probably aren't using a standard keyboard.

I mentioned lack of a keyboard shortcut in item 7 on the list, although it was more of an aside than a main comment, since one can still access font changing options using the menu via a keyboard.

However, the number of comments about it does seem to provide evidence that many people don't understand why creating accessible content is important. Especially interesting is that changing the font size is also an accessibilty aid, but convenient access to it doesn't seem to be important to people. No wonder there are so many Flash-only sites.

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November 6, 2002

11:21 PM CNet Item

CNet did an interview with me on "101 things".

I don't recall saying this though:

He also noted that trying to get people to change their browsers would more likely turn into a negative rather than positive experience.

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November 5, 2002

5:50 PM

I've had this Weblog for less than one month, and 101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot is currently number 2 on Blogdex.

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10:04 AM Fixed Security Holes

The headline "Mozilla Riddled with Fixed Security Holes" on MozillaZine made me laugh.

One of the six bugs (147754), and coincidently, the one I reported, was fixed way back in 1.0. What, are they having such trouble finding security issues that they have to use older versions of products instead?

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