So I took a bit of a break from the XUL templates stuff for a while. In case you didn't know, there's a patch in the bug. It would be great if someone would make a build and stick it up somewhere so people could try it out.

I've been spending much of the last month on some MDG work. It's Mozilla development naturally, but you won't ever see the results, at least not for a long time anyway. But some of you can at least feel good that you are unknowingly paying for it via taxes.

One thing about being involved in an open source project and having at least some name-recognition in that project is that you get numerous job offers. There certainly seems to be some demand building up for experienced XUL developers, of which there aren't many. I wonder if there would be interest in some XUL training sessions. I suppose that would require enough people all in one place though.

In the meantime I've been working on and off on a new tutorial, not a big one, but it should be useful. Oh, and I also posted the patch I made for the slider tag that I wrote a while ago.

I think I'll go on vacation for two weeks.