Recently, Linspire released an update to their Mozilla product, which includes an inline spellchecking feature, among many other features.

The inline spellchecking feature adds the red underlines under mispelled words. It works in plaintext and HTML Mail composition, Composer and in multi-line HTML textareas. It will also work in anything in Mozilla that has an associated nsIEditor, which is actually anywhere where text can be edited, although it isn't initialized by default in single line textboxes, XUL <editor> tags and HTML pages with a designmode set. Here is a screenshot:

Since this feature is a much requested feature (it currently has 82 votes in the Mozilla bug), we have ported the patch to Mozilla 1.8, and posted it in bug 58612. Try it out if you like.

Some answers to questions that will be asked:

  • Will it be available in Firefox 1.0? No.
  • Will it be available as an extension? No.