About half of the people who contact me don't know how to spell my name. This is a guide to how to spell my name properly.

The following is the correct way to spell my name: Neil. Here are some incorrect ways: Neal, Niel, Neel, Niels, Niall

I know of about fifteen other people who are called Neil. I don't know anybody named Neal. Nor anybody named Niel. Due to some unscientific evidence I have seen, I think that the Neils outnumber the Neals fifteen to one. No one is spelled Niel. If you are, you're probably wrong. Or your parents were wrong.

My first name is pronounced the same as the word kneel. My last name (Deakin) is often pronounced wrong. Some incorrect pronounciations are: Dee-con, De-ay-con, Die-con, De-ay-kin, Die-kin, Rash-brook. The correct pronounciation is: Dee-kin ['di:kIn]