Over the years there has been numerous attempts to improve the documentation for Mozilla. Unfortunately, all of these attempts have failed because everyone spends too much time arguing about organization, style sheets, and naming conventions, and no one gets around to writing any documentation. Mozilla developers need some organized and detailed information about how to build applications, with examples.

So I've set up a big Mozilla SDK Table of Contents. Currently, it provides only links to existing documentation such as the XUL tutorial and the book Creating XPCOM Components.

I'll add as much to it as I can. If you have additional documentation to add, please, just write it. Select a section from the table of contents and write it. There won't be any meta-discussion since you only have two choices:

  • Host it on your own site which means you can do what like.
  • Host it on xulplanet.com which means you can write documentation the way I tell you to.

That may sound a bit harsh, but it's the only way to get things done. Eventually, I'll get around to providing a template you can just use, and adding a user notes section like just php.net has. Or, I will do the formatting for you.

Also, any comments about additional sections to add would be most welcome.