Here are some more thoughts on the Microcontent Client, Semantic Web Client, or whatever:

  • People seem to want to attach metadata to documents, when really we should be attaching documents to metadata. Actually, we shouldn't be using documents at all in many cases, as much content on the Web isn't a document. Go to the home page of most news sites. Those aren't documents, they're blobs of text and links.
  • I want to be able to search for a movie and get info about it, and then using my Microcontent Client, indicate that I prefer to get ratings or reviews or trailers from somewhere else. From then on, when I see a result, I should get information from the original source except for the those things I want from somewhere else.
  • I see articles with stock symbols after the company names mentioned. These links point to some specific third party stock info site. I can't use a different supplier. Why? Because there is no <stock> tag.
  • The client doesn't need to do things like read mail, instant messaging or play games. People complain enough about all-in-one products as it is.
  • Email is magic. DNS is magic. IP is magic. Do you know how they know how to get a message to someone located on a different continent, with only an email address? I don't. Some things aren't magic. Search engines aren't magic. We need a system for searching that is magic.

That is all for now. I must go to sleep now before I get more incomprehensible.