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April 26, 2003

11:20 PM Scary Monsters

Last night I watched the movie Monsters, Inc. Now I realize why I've never seen any monsters in my closet. I've always had the kind of closet that slides open, yet now I know that monsters can only sneak into rooms via closets with standard doors that open outwards.

I feel a bit safer now.

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April 24, 2003

12:56 AM RDF Stores

Anyone know of a good RDF storage system? I mean a file format that stores RDF data like a database. I'm thinking a Mozilla component could be written that could read and write it.

I ask as applications that use a lot of RDF could get quite large using serialized RDF files. Take a look at localstore.rdf -- it contains a lot of repeated text. That file could get quite large with lots of data in it.

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12:52 AM Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!

Just when I felt like I was starting to make some real progress, I get stopped spending 8 hours hunting down the cause of one bug in some code.

Some good news though is that I think I understand how to deal with the native side of XPCOM and the Mozilla string classes now.

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April 19, 2003

2:00 AM War Poll Results

So it seems that approximately half of people think that after Iraq, the US should turn their focus on attacking and liberating Flint, Michigan.

Fortunately, Flint shouldn't put up much of a fight, so there should be a minimum of casualties. And unlike Iraqi cities, Flint has also conveniently been pre-looted.

Other countries got about 10%-15% of the votes each, except for Iran which got none. That means that an infinitely larger number of people wanted to have the US attack France rather than Iran.

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April 15, 2003

12:18 PM Next development steps

I mentioned that I was working on an RPath language, which is an XPath-like language for referring to RDF data. At first, I had implemented a very primitive version in JavaScript. Now, I've been re-implementing a better version in C++. My first goal is to create a function that will take an RPath expression and return a set of RDF resources that match it. Then, I might even be so bold as to hack the XUL template system in Mozilla to support it.

I'm not sure if adding features to XUL would be a good approach right now though. There are some existing things that need to work better, and if I was going to do development, I might be better spending time working on those. Some common wishlist items people have: editable trees, arbitrary content trees, less crashy listboxes, XUL in XML documents.

Or perhaps people would rather I just continue to work on documentation?

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April 11, 2003

10:51 PM War Poll

Where do you think the US should target next?

North Korea
Flint, Michigan


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April 10, 2003

12:11 PM Secret of Programming

I have discovered the secret of how to make writing code more interesting -- make sure that your editor is using a nice font.

A year ago when I was doing something on a Mac (OS X), I wondered why it seemed better working on that platform than others. I thought maybe there was something special about the Mac, or its keyboard, or the Aqua UI. Nope. It was the font.

Now that I've switched fonts on my Linux machine, I'm happier.

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April 7, 2003

10:01 PM Attention web developers

Web developers should read this: Using Mozilla in testing and debugging web sites

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