I realized recently that there have only been four occasions in which I needed to wear a suit. There have been other times when I could have done, although I managed to scrape by with just a nicer shirt on.

I suppose most technical people or office workers just wear normal clothes anyway. I mean, clothes that you still feel fine in even when the air conditioning breaks down.

It's odd that suits and ties and considered to be more formal and -- I'm not sure what phrase to use here, "proper looking", maybe. People tend to believe that certain kinds of clothes are more "proper looking" than others. Men, for instance, seem to instantly have more class as soon as they tie a piece of cloth around their neck.

I guess it's just something that came about by tradition. I suppose if people long ago started wearing lettuce on their heads, we'd be required to wear lettuce to a formal occasion.

But anyway, all things considered, wearing a suit four times does seem like I've always worked or done things with people who don't care what other people look like. Or perhaps I'm just not winning enough awards. I don't think I've won anything since I was 12.

On an interesting note, four happens to be only one time larger than the number of occasions in which I needed to wear a dress. Does that mean anything?