Hey look! It's a XUL template created without the use of any RDF!

Instead of grabbing the data from an RDF datasource, it performs a query on an SQLite database via mozStorage. OK, there is some RDF being used under the hood, but a template author won't need to worry about this. Here is the XUL code used (I've hard coded the database for now):

<tree datasources="some-db" ref="*" rows="10" flex="1"
      flags="dont-build-content dont-recurse">
    <treecol id="name" label="Country" flex="1"/>
    <treecol id="capital" label="Capital" flex="1"/>
    <treecol id="population" label="Population" flex="1"/>
      select * from Countries where name like '%e%'
        <treeitem uri="?">
            <treecell label="?name"/>
            <treecell label="?capital"/>
            <treecell label="?population"/>

The patch to implement this will be coming soon to a bug 285631 near you.