People have asked recently if any of my ideas have had any kind of influence over Mozilla developers. Probably not, but it's hard to tell.

I've noticed that there tends to be three types of developers in the Mozilla community. At the top you have Mozilla Foundation employees and anyone that used to work at Netscape. In the middle are the people that don't fit that group but are key developers. Finally, you have all the extension and XUL developers. I find that communication between two adjacent tiers is fairly decent, but communication between the upper and lower tiers is poor. This is a big generalization, of course; some people don't fit that model.

The more interesting question is that the various people building XUL applications feel that they don't have any way of expressing their opinions either. They ask me if I have any contact into Mozilla rather than than just asking Mozilla folks directly. Mozilla doesn't have any clear way for these voices to be heard. The best idea Mozilla folks have come up with is Bugzilla voting and mailing lists apparently about screen savers. Are there other options? Probably. Does any one know what they are? Unlikely.

I have all kinds of grand visions for what I'd like to do. I've posted many of them or hints about them over the last year or so. Remote XUL, improved templates, a canvas tag, and so forth. In some cases, I started an implementation only to be blocked by some non-implementation related issue. I actually started implementing something so that chrome URLs could be mapped onto http URLs but I stopped after it seemed unlikely that it would ever make it into Mozilla. I started working on some features for XUL templates, but Axel said that "creating template enhancements [is probably not] the right thing to do at the moment", so I didn't continue. I did get to the point where I posted a patch about the canvas tag, but then other developers seemed to take over and the patch disappeared into the Pit of Forgotten Patches. When Alex Vincent created a serverpost tag, no one seemed to want to accept it so it never got any where.

Anyway, various factors have made it very discouraging to try to improve Mozilla in some way, even though I think I'm able to.