Since someone brought it up, I thought I'd release a new build of ReoPath, which is a Mozilla component which adds an XPath-like expression language for RDF. ReoPath consists of two parts, an expression language, which you can use to evaluate and retrieve results from RDF, and a template language, which you can use to bind RDF data to XUL or XML nodes, as a databinding system. Here is an simplified example which displays a list of the titles of things.

<listbox id="theList" rp:repeaton="%*[dc:creator='Neil']">
  <listitem rp:assignattr="label" rp:assign="dc:title"/>

This version has a number of new features. It is much more efficient, much less crashy, and it auto updates when the RDF changes. And more interesting, it also supports templates using XML sources and XPath as the expression language. In addition, it's also possible to use custom expression languages.

It's also now available for both Linux and Windows. Mozilla 1.7 or Firefox 0.9 are needed.

Install: Linux | Windows

Once installed, and you've restarted your browser, you can go to the URLs below to try the samples. The first displays a list of actors and you can select one to see a bit of information about them. The second is a very simple RSS 2.0 viewer implemented in less than 1K.


There's some documentation on the project page. If someone is interested, I can write some more.