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March 29, 2004

101 Things Mozilla can do - Brazilian Portugese Version
Thanks to Caio for providing the ninth translation of 101 things.

March 26, 2004

101 Things Mozilla can do - German Version
Thanks to Wladimir for providing this

March 16, 2004

12:28 AM References Update in Progress

I'm in the process of making some changes to the XUL element reference and XPCOM reference. For instance, I'm including more details on the components pages. If anyone has any suggestions for information they would like to see on the reference pages, leave a comment.

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March 5, 2004

RDF Datasources Reloading
Now scriptable. Also updates when the datasources attribute is changed

March 2, 2004

2:19 PM I have returned from the developer day

I'm back from the Mozilla developer day. There doesn't seem to be any of the videos, photos or slides up yet, except for the roadmap slides. There were six talks, as listed on the developer day page. Two additional talks not listed were by George Cao on rich client apps, who showed some Firebird+SVG demos which were really great -- including dynamic updating, and bar and pie charts. The last was a short talk on RDF datasources from Ben. I hadn't realized he had an interest in RDF and wanted to ensure that people knew that creating custom datasources without using RDF/XML was possible.

The roadmap talk from Brendan suggested a number of interesting things that the foundation wants to do in the future:

  • Try to get enough SVG implemented. SVG is a big spec, so try to find what parts are more necessary. Mention of work desired on making Mozilla render to hardware graphics libraries.
  • Support other languages besides JavaScript. Indication was that Python was the easiest to do. Later, Perl and possibly runtimes like Mono.
  • Help build a XUL IDE using Eclipse.
  • Create a documentation site. The foundation is looking for help. I was going to ask about this and what kind of documentation was desired but didn't get a chance.

The talks were mostly aimed at developers except for the Firefox/Thunderbird talks. The assumption was that people there knew enough about the basics of Mozilla. People did ask some branding related questions though. One main point is that the Foundation felt that the name 'Mozilla' was being used for too many things - the organization, the website, the browser and the platform. The news apps are intended to push the Firefox and Thunderbird names for the browser to help distinguish them from other Mozilla names.

There were a number of people there looking to hire for Mozilla work as well as people looking for jobs. Many of the rest of the people were Foundation employees as well as other former Netscape/AOL employees. Interestingly, it was mentioned that half of the foundation staff are now paid outside of the AOL money.

Quite a good day. They want to hold one every six months, so there should be plently of opportunity to go to another.

At the end, most people left but some hung around for discussions. I had a few with folks looking for Mozilla developers or asking questions. Afterwards, I thought that I could have gone back to the hotel I was staying in, but that wasn't very exciting. Instead, I stayed and listened to Asa talk on various topics such as the environment, politics, curling, language usage and the pop/soda/coke issue. A few others like James, timeless and others occasionally said something. I'm not much of a talker so I didn't say much but I did find it all interesing. Anyway, I finally decided to leave about 3 hours later. Asa propably kept talking for several more hours.

A few notes outside of the developer day since I stayed for a few extra days as a vacation. I did various touristy things. The grass is green in California. Very unusual. I always thought grass was usually more yellowish. I haven't seen a hill in almost two years. Going to and from Millbrae station on the BART makes no sense. In three days, I don't think I've yet completely figured out how to pay for it. People say the weather in California is nice. They weren't talking about last week. It rained often. I wore a jacket every day and turned the heater on at night.

Anyway, I had a good time, and might consider going again, but probably not for the next developer day.

You may have noticed that ran out of bandwidth last week. Coincidently, it happened the same day that I left. There wasn't much I could do about it while I was gone, sorry. We tried to prevent it before I left but that didn't seem to happen. In case you're wondering, usage of has nearly doubled in the last six months. Hopefully, the issue should be resolved soon so it won't happen again.

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