I mentioned earlier that I was working on a slider widget. I wrote a spec for what I planned to implement, although I've only implemented part of it. I've been focusing on getting the slider to render using the native theme APIs. On GTK, this wasn't too hard. You can see an image of that in the previous post. On Windows, this turned out to be very difficult, and I haven't managed to succeed. I can get it to draw something that is slider-like but the size and position is all wrong.

I managed to create something that at least looks like a slider for the Classic (non-native theme) and Modern themes. However, it really is just a scrollbar with a small thumb, instead of a stretchy one.

So there's lots I would need help on:

  • Classic and Modern look which only needs a CSS or theme person.
  • Windows native slider
  • Mac native slider. The Mac native theme code looks to be the simplest of the platforms.)