If you've used the XUL tutorial or other documentation on XULPlanet.com, you've probably noticed that the values of tags and attributes and so forth appear in a different colour as the rest of the text. For instance, tags appear in red, attributes, properties and methods in green, and values in yellow. The primary reason for this is to separate them from the text so that one would know what was the value and what was documentation. This also makes it clearer when referring to a tag so that the reader would know, for example, that a tree tag was being referred to instead of a general reference to a tree.

I'm currently in the process of writing a few more pages of documentation, and in one particular case, the amount of highlighted words is significant and perhaps distracting, especially the yellow.

Does anyone who uses the documentation find the use of colour distracting? Perhaps a different set of colours would be better? Or a different style altogether?