Asa's weblog provides some commentary on my recent post about Mozilla developers. As would be expected, the comments there go off topic a bit.

I just wanted to clarify something. Asa quotes the following that I wrote:

Developers are getting frustrated by the direction Mozilla is taking and are unsure about developing for a moving target.

He then responds by saying that there are many more extensions for Firebird than the Mozilla Suite. That may be true, but I think that's primarily due to a much heavier marketing effort, the momentum of which creates more extensions and therefore even more interest. The quote mentioned doesn't mention extensions nor does it mention Firebird. Actually, I was refering to the refocus of Mozilla as an end-user product instead of a platform, not on the switch to Firebird. The developers such as myself who have projects that aren't extensions, are frustrated over the ever-changing APIs and the apparent lack of documentation and communication of changes.

Whether the Mozilla Suite is used or the Birds are used really doesn't matter. If people overall prefer Firebird, that's fine. Let's use it instead. We're just concerned that the new end-user focus is going to be at the compromise of the developer.