mpt links to Gerv's early attempt at programming. I too am one of the ones that can say my first attempt was writing a text adventure, way back when I was 10 years old.

I implemented a rather random text adventure in Commodore 64 Basic, and I called it 'Advenure II'. What makes it interesting is that I accidently spelled it wrong when saving it, so it is forever known as Advenure II with no T. Also unusual, is that at the time, I didn't know of any game called Adventure, so the game was a sequel to something that didn't exist. As well, I don't remember playing any text adventures before then either, so it's possible I re-invented the genre myself.

The game was pretty primitive and random. At the beginning you had two choices, either A or B. If you chose A, you got into a boat, and a version of 'Michael, row your boat ashore' played which I'd copied the code for out of some book (which might have been the C64 user manual). If you chose B, you started "WALKING HOME FROM SCHOOL AND SUDDENLY, YOU FALL INTO A PIT." After falling in the pit, you find it filled with alligators and you have to escape on one of four vines.

After the boat trip or vines, the game is pretty random. The game might say you can go south or east, but really either way takes you to a random room. There wasn't any end to it, but there were several ways to die, of course.

I still have the disk I saved it on, but unfortunately I have no means in which to read it.