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June 20, 2003

6:30 PM

Here is a summary of recent Mozilla related news.

Mozilla 1.4RC2 is now available. It contains various features that won't be in 1.5.

So Dave Hyatt walks into a bar and orders a drink. 65 Mac users spend the rest of the evening discusing it.

Many people are wondering what happened to Blake's weblog. Could he just be really busy? Did his parents take away his computer privileges? My current theory is that some FirebirdSQL developers found him, roughed him up a bit, stole his lunch money, and kidnapped him. He's currently imprisoned somewhere in a dark room, right near the room where the MNG users are torturing Pavlov.

Microsoft keeps cancelling their browsers to various degrees. Here's a summary:

IE for UnixCancelled
IE for WindowsStandalone versions cancelled
IE for MacintoshCancelled
IE for BeOSNo cancellation announcement

In a completely unrelated story, AOL strikes a deal to use IE for the next seven years.

Finally, to avoid confusion, XUL has been renamed XLDUIMASMAEOAIXLTUI. That stands for 'XML Language for Describing the User Interface used by the Mozilla Application Suite and Mozilla-based Applications and Extensions, but not Other Applications that use an Incompatible XML Language for Their User Interface'.

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5:58 PM Topicalla screenshots now available

Some screenshots of Topicalla are now available.

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