Last night I had an interesting dream.

I was frantically searching all over town for some of those sticky circle things you're supposed to put around the holes in a sheet of paper. I'm not sure why. I've never used them -- in fact I don't know anyone who has.

Anyway, when I got to an office supplies store, it had turned into a toy store, so I couldn't get any. But the interesting part was that next door, a place had opened called the MSN Cafe. Inside, people were lounging about drinking coffee and talking. On the far wall was a line of PCs one could use. On one side was the counter where people could order various gourmet coffees. Above that, a giant MSN butterfly logo.

Could this be a sign of the future? Is Microsoft planning to open up a chain of coffee shops one day? Will Sun counter with stores with names containing a Java/coffee pun? Who knows?