I mentioned that I was working on an RPath language, which is an XPath-like language for referring to RDF data. At first, I had implemented a very primitive version in JavaScript. Now, I've been re-implementing a better version in C++. My first goal is to create a function that will take an RPath expression and return a set of RDF resources that match it. Then, I might even be so bold as to hack the XUL template system in Mozilla to support it.

I'm not sure if adding features to XUL would be a good approach right now though. There are some existing things that need to work better, and if I was going to do development, I might be better spending time working on those. Some common wishlist items people have: editable trees, arbitrary content trees, less crashy listboxes, XUL in XML documents.

Or perhaps people would rather I just continue to work on documentation?