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February 7, 2003

8:09 PM Scriptable RDF

Some action on the scriptable RDF front. When/if this gets fixed, it would be a big help for XUL tree users.

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7:50 PM The future looks bleak

Let's say that you have a block of text in a file and you need to add a paragraph tag around it. Thus, you want to add <p> at the beginning and </p> at the end, and put the result in a new file. Sounds easy right? Of course. Since we have so many great new technologies at our disposal, here's one way I've seen it done recently:

  • Set up a Java Servlet engine on a Web server somewhere. The process begins when a user loads a specific URL in a browser.
  • The code starts by reading a configuration file which lists classes to be used during the process which are later dynamically instantiated as needed.
  • One such class parses the text file into an abstract in-memory object.
  • Another class takes the abstract object and serializes it into XML.
  • The XML is parsed.
  • A second configuration file is loaded which contains a reference to the location of an XSLT file.
  • The XSLT file is loaded and parsed.
  • The XML is translated using the XSLT template.
  • The resulting content is then serialized and saved into a file.
  • That file is copied into another directory.

We've come a long way since the early days of computing. I mean, thirty years ago we would have done that task using something extremely cryptic such as this:

(echo '<p>'; cat; echo '</p>') > file.out

Or, unfortunate programmers would have had to resort to using a couple of lines of sed. Thank goodness we don't have to use these old technologies any more, now that we have all these great new advances.

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