There must be more people reading this weblog. There were four times as many votes in the latest poll as with previous polls. Or perhaps it is all the people linking to the XAML/XUL discussions that are creating more traffic. Or, perhaps people are just interested in the poll.

Most people thought that XUL would get more popular with either the availability of a XUL IDE or the endorsement by a 'standards organization'. I selected the latter of those two.

Standards organization endorsement might not increase Mozilla's usage, but it would likely create other mostly compatible implementations. A XUL IDE would allow people who have used other visual tools to easily learn XUL development.

Of the other options, 'A XUL Specification' is perhaps useful, but as someone pointed out in the comments, would be created as a result of the standards organization endorsement. For XUL documentation, there actually already is a suitable amount. Most people probably want more documentation on the Mozilla API, rather than XUL itself. Another problem is outdated documentation on, which should be removed. Also, I do plan on adding user notes to at some point, which some people seem to think will help. (I do not necessarily share this opinion).

Few people opted for more powerful and extensible elements. I suspect that many people do still want this, but it won't do much to increase usage of XUL.

Lots of people want to be able to use other scripting languages. I suppose that has the advantage that there would be many Python, perl, ruby, etc... developers that could interface with XUL applications.

I should have put Remote XUL on the poll as well, since I think that is an important feature and people get headaches with the various issues that exist with remote XUL currently.

I have, however, recently discovered some additional information regarding one of the items on the poll, which suggests that particular item will become a reality. I won't say what that information is however.