There's been a few people lately interested on customizing and deploying Mozilla in a company. Looking at some of the comments, there certainly is a need for documentation and tools to help.

Back in the Netscape Communicator days, we used a collection of tools to handle building customized versions of Communciator. These handled building the preference files, the netscape.cfg file for locked preferences and branding, constructing the installer, code signing, and modifying the dial-up account creation process. Documentation was provided in the form of two 200-300 page manuals and a pile of on-line help. I spent 3 years working with these tools.

I'm not expecting Mozilla to be able to provide that level of help any time soon. But it would be nice to see some general documentation about how to distribute customized Mozillas (or customized Phoenixes). Administrators don't really want information that tells one to edit various files manually or write scripts. Simple instructions and simple tools to automatically deal with complex steps are necessary.