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October 9, 2002

8:22 PM Which browser to use?

There's been a lot of talk lately about various products named after mythical beasts (Phoenix, Thunderbird, Chimera). Right now, I have no compelling reason to use them though. Perhaps when the mail/news client is ready, I will. By then, I won't have any compelling reason not to use it either.

I wonder why the preferences in Phoenix are so strangely organized? Or why they used the Orbit theme icons instead of these?

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7:16 PM New Mozilla CSS properties

Nightly Mozilla builds now include support for the CSS3 properties background-clip and background-origin, although they are prefixed by '-moz-'.

  • -moz-background-clip = border | padding
    Set to whether the background is drawn under the border, or whether it ends at the padding.
  • -moz-background-origin = border | padding | content
    Set to indicate where the upper left corner of the background is positioned. This lets one put a background image just behind the content or have it extend into the padding or border as well.

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