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Importance of a Healthy Breakfast - Or is it?????

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Hungry?  It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is something that is

taken very lightly by a lot of people. Most people on weight loss diets tend to skip breakfast with the

intention of losing weight. However, studies show that those who skip breakfast are more likely to

gain weight than those who eat a healthy breakfast. This is probably because those that skip

breakfast often nibble on various kinds of snacks to suppress the hunger. In most cases, the snacks

taken are high in calories which lead to putting on weight. Everyone should know the importance

of a healthy breakfast for them and their family in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Healthy breakfast for children

A healthy breakfast is very important for children. Children are very active throughout the day and

they therefore require having a lot of energy. Breakfast is important for children especially when

they have to go to school. Studies show that those students who go to school on an empty stomach

tend to perform poorly compared to students who have breakfast. This is because hunger makes

them tired and they may end up falling asleep in class. This makes them fall behind and before you

know it they are unable to catch up with the rest of the students. For children, breakfast ought to be

balanced. This means that there has to be vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Having a

balanced diet keeps them energized enough until the next meal at school. Most schools have a

breakfast plan for the young students. If you happen to be unable to give your child breakfast from

home, you can enroll them into the program in order to ensure they have something to eat before

they start on their classes.


Healthy Breakfast for Athletes

People who are physically active require having a healthy breakfast. Most physically active

individuals prefer working out in the morning. If they skip breakfast after a workout, it will make

them have less energy to do other things in the day. This is because they already depleted some of

the energy stores by exercising and not eating a healthy breakfast makes them have a deficit.

Athletes who take a healthy breakfast are more active and healthy than those who do not. Those

who do not take a healthy breakfast tend to lose muscle strength mostly due to lack of adequate

protein and mineral supplements which are mostly found in a healthy breakfast.

Healthy breakfast for weight control

Studies have shown that people who eat a healthy breakfast tend to be lighter in weight than those

who skip breakfast. If you would like to lose weight then you should include a healthy breakfast in

your diet. This is because eating a healthy breakfast makes an individual less likely to feel hungry

during the day. This reduces the number of times the person eats in a day. Skipping breakfast on the

other hand makes one hungry for most part of the day. This may lead to having too much food. In

most cases, these people eat snacks because there is no access to healthy foods where they work or

go to school. This habit eventually leads to adding weight. It is therefore very important to ensure

you have breakfast if you are trying to lose weight. it not only suppresses hunger, but also enables

you to make better food choices during the day since you will not be that hungry.

In order to ensure that you are having a healthy breakfast each and every day, there are several tips you need to learn.

1. Make healthy food choices

Most people know that it is important to have a healthy breakfast. What most people do not know

however, is how to choose the right foods to make their breakfast healthy. For starters, if you are

the kind of person who likes to buy your breakfast from a fast food joint, you should stop this. This

is because; most of the foods you get from fast food restaurants are snacks that contain a lot of

calories that may not be good for your health. It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure you

make your breakfast at home. This will enable you to choose a healthy protein, carbohydrate and

vitamin food source. Preparing the food yourself makes it easier for you to control the portion sizes

of ingredients and it also enables you to have a variety of foods from time to time. This is highly

unlikely in fast food restaurants where you take what is available.


2. Watch out for healthy foods as well

It is a common belief that one can eat as much healthy foods as they want. This is a misconception

because, in as much as these healthy foods are not harmful, taking too much of them leads to

accumulation of a lot of calories that may lead to rising blood sugar levels or adding weight. For

instance, if you enjoy taking a lot of juice in the morning, this may be harmful because it leads to

elevated blood sugar levels. It is therefore advisable to eat the fruit instead of the juice. Fruits

contain a lot of fiber which is very good in suppressing hunger as it makes one full for most part of

the day. Fruits also have less effect on the blood sugar as compared to juices. In general, it is

important to ensure that the food choices you make are right in order to maintain good health.


3. Request for food off the menu

In case you are in a situation where making your own breakfast is impossible and you therefore

need to eat out, there is a still a chance for you to keep your breakfast healthy.Most restaurants offer

other food items that they do not list on the menu. You should therefore not be afraid to request for

something else if the food on the menu does not appear healthy to you. There is a chance that you

can get fruits, yoghurt or cheese. The advantage of doing this is that you do not have to pay too

much for the food you request since the food is not expensive as the food on the menu. It also makes

you more able to make good decisions about food.

4. Single spread your toast

If you like having your bread buttered or with margarine, it is important to always ensure that you

only spread once. This is because margarine and butter contain a lot of calories that if not taken in

small amounts may lead to weight gain that may cause serious health conditions. it is advisable to

use fruit spreads like jams instead of butter and margarine. This is because they are healthier and a

lot sweeter. However, when choosing the jam, you should ensure you go for one that contains fruits

only. This is because some jams have to many additives and preservatives that are not good.


5. Add vegetables or fruits to your breakfast

Vegetables are very high in fiber content. This is very important in suppressing hunger. The fiber

makes you feel full for a longer time. It is therefore unlikely for you to eat too much. It is advisable to

always start with the vegetables before any other thing. This is another way of preventing you from

eating too much. Other than suppressing hunger, vegetables are known to be very good for

enhancing bowel movement especially for those who have constipation problems. Since not most

people like taking vegetables, it is advised that in such a scenario, a good alternative may be fruits.

Fruits are also high in fiber and therefore have the same effect. Apples are the best for this because

the peels are also eaten. This adds to the fiber you get from the fruit.

6. Avoid bread and pastries

It is common practice for people to have bread or pastries for breakfast. This should be something

that is done occasionally and not on a daily basis. This is mainly because these food items contain

a lot of sugar and other additives that are not good for you. In most cases, the calorie information is

not written on the packages that these foods are packed in. this makes it difficult to keep count of

your calories especially if you are on a weight loss diet. It is therefore important to ensure that you

eat bread or pastries may be twice a week. If this is not a choice for you, you can use a calorie

counting software to enable you to know the amount of calories contained in your favorite pastries

and bread. This will help you keep count of your caloric intake.


7. Plan Ahead

If you want to have a healthy breakfast, it is important to ensure that you have everything you need

before morning. This will not only make it easy for you to decide, but it will also prevent you from

making unhealthy food choices due to lack of ideas of what to prepare. It is therefore important to

store everything you need for the next morning in your house. Ensure you have a protein source,

some fruits and a food item that will give you carbohydrates. When choosing what to prepare for

breakfast, it is important to put in mind how much time you require to make the food. This is

important because you do not want to get late preparing food that you might not end up eating

because you have to rush to work or to school. Choosing a simple and healthy breakfast that does

not require a lot of time to prepare is the best thing you can do.

8. Brew your own coffee

For those who love having coffee in the morning. It is advisable for you to brew your own coffee.

This is important because it enables you to control the amount of cream. If you buy already brewed

coffee, you may not have control of the amount of calories you take. When brewing your own coffee,

it is important to ensure you take it as plain as you possibly can. By plain I mean that you should be

careful not to add too much sugar into the coffee. Taking the coffee without cream is also advisable

because cream tends to contain a lot of calories. Always remember that coffee is not a type of desert.

This will probably prevent you from turning it into one by adding too many additives. Although

coffee is good for breakfast, it is not advisable to take too much of it. This is because too much

caffeine is not good for your health. Coffee may also make you lack sleep which may make you drag

through the next day.

9. Never leave out protein

Most parts of our body organs are proteinous in nature. This is why it is very important to ensure

that there is a protein source in our breakfast. The body does not store protein. Hence, eating

protein foods enables the body to carry out some of the metabolic activities without having to

deplete the protein in our body. Protein is especially important for children. This is because they are

in a growth phase that requires a lot of nutrients in order for growth and development to take place.

If protein is deprived, children can suffer from protein energy malnutrition that may lead to cases of

wasting or stunting. When this happens, the condition is in most cases very hard to reverse.

Therefore, preventing such situations is of utmost importance. When choosing protein sources,

ensure you choose those that are low in cholesterol.


All- in- all, taking a healthy breakfast is very important and is a great determinant of the food

choices you make during the day. You should make having a healthy breakfast a priority for you and

your family. This will jumpstart the journey to a healthy lifestyle. The only thing it takes to

accomplish this is commitment. Before you know it, you will be accustomed to the habit and it will

be a part of you.

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