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How to lose weight FAST! 3 Step Plan the WORKS!

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Making the decision to lose weight can be a simple one. Knowing how to get there can be half the battle. If you have decided to lose weight, here is how to lose weight fast with a three step plan that works.

Set a Goal

Before you begin any weight loss plan, you need to have a goal set. By setting a goal, you can lose weight with a plan, and not just by coincidence. You have to make a commitment to you before you can move forward with loosing weight. Putting your goals on paper, will help you stick to them.
Setting the right goals means going above and beyond just wanting to lose weight or getting into jeans you have not worn in years. You need a goal that is smart and detailed. Following a list of what exactly to shoot for will help you get the goal and the results that you want.

1. Be Specific: You need to know exactly what you will do to get to your final goal. Choose the weight you want to be, such as if you are two hundred pounds, but your ideal weight is one hundred fifty pounds, then write that down. If your goal is wearing a size seven pant size, then write that down.

2. Make it measurable: Make sure your goal is realistic and can be measured on a scale, clothing, size or even circumference. As stated above knowing what size pants you want in or the ideal weight are great places to start. Sometimes, you may want to be a certain measurement that has nothing to do with your weight or size of jeans. You need to make sure that you can measure that in centimeters or inches.

3. Make it attainable: If you cannot afford to achieve your goal, it is not attainable. You need make your goal financially achievable, meaning if you do not make six figures, do not set a six figure weight loss plan. Do not set a goal where you do not have time to do it. A great example is being a single parent, who has to work multiple jobs, make sure you can keep up with your exercise program. Start off with something as simple as a few minutes a day and work your way up to longer times.

4. Be Realistic: Do not set a goal that you know is not realistic. If you want to lose a fifty pounds, know you cannot lose that weight in a couple of weeks. Setting weekly goals are easier to keep up with because it keeps you from getting discouraged. A way to determine a weekly goal, going back to wanting to go from two hundred pounds to one hundred fifty, divide the fifty pounds you want to lose by one hundred. The closer you get to your ideal weight, the slower you will lose your weight.

5. Set a time frame: Knowing when you want to lose weight by will help you keep your goal. Just remember that you need to be realistic. Write down the time and date you want to reach your goal and go for it.

Place your goal somewhere you will see it on a regular basis. Whether that is on your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror. Seeing your goal will remind you and help keep motivation up.

Focus on Nutrition

Now you need to focus on your nutrition plan. Having a nutritional commitment will help you on your weight loss journey. Follow these guidelines to allow you to get to your final goal.

You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, this is true. Eat breakfast, skipping this meal triggers a hormonal response to store the food in your body later, which builds body fat. Skipping breakfast can also increase appetite, making you eat more at a later meal. Add both of those factors together and you will put on weight, instead of losing it like you want.



Stop eating or cut back on flour, fried food, and sugar. These three things are the main factor of weight gain and obesity in today’s society. Taking them out of your diet can be hard, because they make up most of your processed food choices.

Switch to natural sugars, whole grain pasta and bread, baked, grilled and steamed foods. Eating foods that are whole and natural will help you see a drop on the scales. You may even get an energy burst that you did not expect.

Drink a lot of water, like a half gallon of it a day. The general rule is to drink at least half your body weight of water. The body weight should be measured in ounces to determine exactly how much. Break your water into several liters a day, but by the time your day has ended, make sure you get at least half a gallon of water down. Drinking more water is not a bad idea either. The reason you want to drink this much is to stay hydrated. Your brain does not always detect that you are thirsty, instead it is mistaken for hunger. If you drink more water, the less food you will eat. That ensures that you will cut calories and help you lose weight. If you do not like water, you can always use calorie free flavorings designed for water.

If you are looking for a guideline of suggested meals follow these different meal plans. You do not have to follow closely, however this will give you an idea of what you should be eating. For breakfast, you can do smoothies, egg white muffins, oatmeal, whole wheat bagels and whole wheat waffles. For lunch, these are some great suggestions for foods to eat guacamole burgers, turkey and avocado melts, sun dried tomatoes and whole wheat penne noodles, spinach flat bread pizza, and chopped chicken salad.
Finally, for dinner you could try baked vegetable omelets, chicken salads, whole wheat pasta with ricotta cheese, vegetables, chicken and broccoli wraps, and any fruits.

There are also many healthy snack options available for you to eat. You do not have to give up snack all together, you just have to maintain the healthy options. Some snack menus can include:

1. One ounce of reduced fat cheese with four whole grain crackers.2. Low fat pudding with about two thirds of a cup of berries.3. Four baby carrots with hummus4. Spicy black bean dip with tortilla chips, not eating more that ten chips.5. One piece of cinnamon raisin bread with a half ounce of dark chocolate and half of a banana sliced.6. Frozen strawberries mixed with a tablespoon of lime juice and a teaspoon of honey. Top with one tablespoon of coconut.

Group of Students Practicing Pilates

Set a Workout plan

If you have an easy workout schedule to follow, you can see results. Remember that losing a couple of pounds a week is the healthiest way to lose weight. If you have a small weight loss plan of twenty pounds or less you can use this workout plan to get you there in about eight weeks. If you need more weight to come off extend the routine to fit your needs.

In the first four weeks, you should focus of getting fat off and building muscle and increase endurance. The first day should start with cardiovascular and toning. Start with a five minute warm up with any cardiovascular equipment of your choice. Then go for a ten minute cardiovascular workout. Your breathing should be slightly labored, but not so much that you cannot maintain the same pace for ten minutes. If you cannot last ten minutes, slow down some. Then, you want a five minute cool down.

After you cool down, you want to do three sets of each: bicep curls, tricep pull downs with some rope, lateral pull downs on a cable machine and front raises with dumbbells. Then, sit down and take the next day off.

The next warm up day will include the same warm up but focus or cardiovascular and your core. Next, you will do three sets of plank exercises, hold for thirty seconds, crunches on a stability ball, and bicycle crunches. Then, do the ten minute cardiovascular work out. Cool down for five minutes, skipping the next day again.

On this day you want to do the same five minute warm up, but focus is on cardiovascular and lower body. This time you want to do three sets of lunges with dumbbells, squats on a stability ball and leg curls on a machine. Follow those with a ten minute jog on your treadmill. Cool down for five minutes. The next day, you want to take a 30 minute walk briskly. Take the final day of the week off. Follow that for the first four weeks and then change your exercise routine for the other four weeks.

After you have shed the fat, now you increase cardiovascular and strength training. Starting with any day you choose, start with toning and cardiovascular. Start with a five minute warm up on the cardiovascular equipment of your choice. Move on to twenty minuted of cardiovascular workout, this should be stepped up on the scale of what you could handle before. Allow five minutes for cool down. After your cool down, do three sets of bicep curls on a cable machine, incline dumbbell press, tricep kickbacks on a bench, lateral pull downs on a cable machine, and lateral raises with dumbbells. Take the next day off.

The next workout focuses on cardiovascular and core, starting with a five minute cardiovascular warm up. Then you will do ninety seconds of a level nine cardiovascular exertion closely followed by thirty seconds at a level three. Repeat that step ten times and then take a five minute cool down. After your cool down, do three sets of planks, side planks for both sides, and straight leg raises on a bench. The next day just take a twenty minute walk at a brisk pace.

The next day focuses on cardiovascular and your lower body, starting with the same warm up. Then, you can choose to do ten minutes of jogging or walking on the treadmill. Take a five minute cool down. Then, you will do three sets of side lunges with dumbbells. The following day you need to do twenty minutes on a stationary bike. Finally, take the last day off.

As stated previously, this is designed for anyone wanting to lose a smaller amount of pounds. If you have a higher goal, continue doing the workout, until you have reached your goal.

Remember that you can plan to work out and lose weight, however if you do not do the work, you will not lose the weight. If you are not happy, change the way you are working out. If you are enjoying your work out, you get out of bed and look forward to doing it. Working out keeps you healthy. Being healthy means you can do what you want and you will not slow down. You also gain the confidence of being naked. Yes, naked. You will feel better about the way you look, therefore you will like what you see in the mirror.

If you do enough research, you can feel confident in your workout goals. You can read this, watch video tutorials, and find someone else who wants to work out. Then, you start with your goal. Pick a plan and stick to it for more than a few days, doing exactly what is recommended. Do not be lazy, just halfheartedly doing the routine, will not get results. Measure weekly, allowing you to see the progress you are making. Seeing progress will motivate you to keep working towards your goal.

Then, you should ask yourself if you feel better, do you think you look better, and if you are happy. If you answer yes, keep going, no one else’s opinion matters. If you do not see results find out what you are doing wrong. Did you follow all the rules without cheating. Can you make any adjustments?

Just remember, if you do not see results, the plan you are doing is not for you. You should see results from a weight loss plan that actually works. If you do not move on, taking what you learned with you. That means, you know that the plan does not work so do not use it again. However, as long as you are seeing results, tracking your progress, you will reach your goal and feel better about it too.

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