Garcinia Cambogia By Sittiyakul Review

Reviewed by Linda Barnby

Effectiveness: 3 Stars (3 / 5)
Consumer Reviews: 2.7 Stars (2.7 / 5)
Quality of Ingredients: 3  Stars (3 / 5)
Cost: 1 Stars $96.89
Money-Back Guarantee:2.5 Stars 30
Average: 2.44 Stars (2.44/ 5)
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As low as $96.89 per month

Customer Service

This Garcinia Cambogia product is supplied and sold by Sittyakul through Amazon. The supplier of this product fails to impress us on customer service front as it don’t have any social web profile or any web page to show it to customers. Moreover it the company is only a retailers and do not manufacture this product. So it’s quite difficult to say about the quality of this product and thus customer too can’t easily trust on it.


This Garcinia Cambogia health supplement is formulated with pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract standardized to 60% HCA level. Each capsule of this product is of 1300mg composition and contains calcium, chromium and potassium.


This Garcinia Cambogia product is available at the price of $96.89. The price is very high as a single bottle of it only contains 60 capsules that will not make a month dosage.  Many other same product are available in half of this price.

Money Back Gaurantee

This product is backed by money back guarantee but again we fails to find out any particular information about it. As even amazon fails to state completely about it. So it’s a big risk to buy this product.

Bottom Line

This Garcinia Cambogia product is highly priced with less quantity. It price is not justified as other product with much better composition and quantity are available in less than the half price of it. The supplier of this product is also not accessible to it customers so its a big risk to buy this product. So buying this product is a big big risk.