Xabyl - A Visual XBL Editor

Xabyl is an editor for editing XBL files visually. It is implemented using XUL and requires Mozilla to use (tested on Mozilla1.3b).

Basic instructions:

Open Xabyl from the Tools -> Tasks menu or enter chrome://xabyl/content/openxabyl.xul into the address bar.

Open an XBL file using the Open File or Open URL options from the File menu. To open a second file at the same time, choose New Window first. The list of bindings in the file is displayed in the drop-down at the top of the sidebar. You can add or remove a binding by selecting Add Binding or Remove Binding from the Binding menu.

You can add fields and methods and so forth using the commands on the Binding menu. Methods and handlers use a wizard to set options for them. You can edit an item by selecting its name from the list in the sidebar. When an item is selected, options appear in the right area.

Known issues:

Install Xaybl 1.0 Alpha

Note: Xabyl is pronounced with a initial Z sound and rhymes with table.

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