These people have plans for world domination.

CNN and the LA Times both have reports this morning that Google is about to launch in instant messaging client, perhaps as early as tomorrow. Google, who runs the top search engine, and whose web based email service may well be the world’s most used (there are no public figures) even before its official launch, may have a difficult time entering the instant messaging market, people are saying, because an IM client is only good if all your friends have it too, and Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL already have millions of subscribers each to their respective IM clients. Still, if the past is any example, a Google based IM program would probably be years ahead of the competition in features and usability, clean and uncluttered, and most likely supplied with text based Google Adwords in place of the advertising banners and varied money making tactics employed by other IM clients.

Personally, I can’t wait. If this really does launch tomorrow morning, I expect to have it up and running by tomorrow afternoon. Or it could just be one big rumor. But my bet is that it is’t, and that Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL are all just a little bit nervous right now.

First Real Post

I uploaded my new blog today. This is it. Isn’t it great?

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