Happy Pi Day!

Today, march 14, is pi day!

Slashdotted (sort of)

There was a story on slashdot this morning about the new XULRunner preview builds, on the bottom of which were several links to XulPlanet pages. It’ll be interesting to look at the server logs later to see if there was any major spike in trafic because of this. I haven’t noticed anything, so I don’t think there was a very big one, if any at all.

The big feeds

I was reading some mozilla blogs over at Planet Mozilla and the mozillaZine feedHouse and I suddenly started wondering why my blog isn’t listed on either of them. The simple answer is, obviously, that both those sites were started before the current version of this blog even existed. However, neither seems to have an “Add blog” or even a “contact” link, so I don’t know how I’d go about getting my blog added to either. Maybe you just have to know a guy who knows a guy…

And while I’m at it…

… who the heck is Parson Brown anyway?

(I’m Google knows, actually, if I only had time to ask)

Is it over yet?

When you put the 24 hour Christmas station on at work all day, you come to realize very quickly just how few Christmas songs there really are in this world.

Isolophobia: Fear of being alone.

My cat has this.


Bad: Getting a parking ticket.
Really bad: Getting a parking ticket while driving my boss’s car.
Worse: Getting a parking ticket while driving my boss’s car and then almost wrecking the company car four hours later.

Amazingly, I still have a job. :)

Technical Problems

This blog was down for a few days last week, but it’s all fixed now. I hope its absence didn’t cause anyone severe irreparable emotional harm…. :)

Car Wheels

How many of you remember that question on the driver’s license test that talks about which way you are supposed to turn your wheels when you park on a hill? Not very many is seems. On the way up the hill in the bus this morning I was watching the cars parked on the side of the street. About two thirds of them didn’t angle their tires at all; of those who did angle their tired, it was split cleanly half and half as to which direction they were turned. What I can’t figure out is, of those one sixth of the people who actually had their tired turned the direction they were supposed to, did they actually know what they were doing or did they just get lucky?

Finding Software II

I just remembered why I started the previous post last week. I’m trying to find a decent free text editor program to use for web development. It basically needs to have the following features:

  • Support for opening multiple documents in a tab like structure
  • Quick startup (on a brand new, but low end) machine

What I would really like:

  • Syntax highlighting and automatic indentation for source files
  • Some way of saving multiple workspaces, so I can easily open up all the files for a certain project and then close that and open up all the files for another project.

What I don’t need/want:

  •  WYSIWYG html editing. I’m just fine doing it by hand
  • Toolbar buttons that insert tags into html source files. I can type ‘<b>’ a lot faster than I can move my mouse up to the toolbar and click on the "bold" button. I consider this feature so useless I was amazed at how many of the text editors I tried insisting on including it.
  • So many other crazy obscure features that the interface is so cluttered that it takes forever to start up and you can never find what you want.


The key factor for me is simplicity. I want something clean and small and useful.  Right now I am using a very old text editor called Mini Notetab, which was really great back in its day, but hasn’t been updated since like 1997 (although the fact that it’s still usable eight years later says something about the quality of the original design).

 Now, I know that nobody ever comments on this blog, but I’ve seen the server logs and there are thousands of people who end up here, so if anybody has, uses, or knows of a good free text editor that might be close to what I’m lookig for, please drop me a note in the comment form.

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