Happy Birthday

… to me!


Bad: Getting a parking ticket.
Really bad: Getting a parking ticket while driving my boss’s car.
Worse: Getting a parking ticket while driving my boss’s car and then almost wrecking the company car four hours later.

Amazingly, I still have a job. :)

Free tech support

My aunt called me last week. I really like her, but I was never as close to her as some of her other neices and nephews, so I was rather surprised that she called. It turned out she had a computer problem, and that after she called some of those other neices and nephews and they couldn’t help her, she decided to call me. Now, I’m usually fine helping people out with computer problems, but when she started off with "My Internet Explorer is broken…" I knew it wasn’t going to get very far. I tried to explain to her that I haven’t used IE in like five years, and even then I only did it because I didn’t have any other choice. She asked what I use. "Fire what?" (she had never heard of it). I told her to go to mozilla.org, but she couldn’t spell mozilla correctly. "M-O-Z-I-L-L-A" She said she’d look it up. I wonder if she ever really did….

Rejection Letter

This email came while I was at work today:

Sept 6, 2005
Thank you for applying for the position of ***************** with ************************.

We had a good response to our posting at *************************, and many of the candidates had fine credentials, such as yours.  Although your experience and skills are impressive, the hiring committee has chosen a candidate whose qualifications are more suited to our specific needs at this time.

We appreciate your interest in *************************** and wish you success in fulfilling your career expectations.


************ *************
Human Resource Coordinator

The funny thing is, I called them last week to tell them that I had to cancel the appointment I had set up for an interview because I had just been offered (and accepted) a much better, higher paying job at another organization. I thought that would be enough to remove me from the potential candidate list, but I guess not.

Good thing we’ve got a college education behind us

There are signs plastered all over campus this week advertising that the disability resource center needs volunteer note takers to help some disabled students. The last part of the sign reads [sic] "Volunteer note takers will receive a ten dollar gift certificate for the bookstore; at the end of the semester, for each credit of the class." So, let’s imagine that the person who wrote this is so grammatically impaired that he really thinks the use of the semicolon and the comma in that sentence is correct. It probably wasn’t an english major after all. Still, don’t you think that if you had written an ad that you were going to make 300 copies of and post where the entire university would read, that you could ask someone to proof read it real first?

Not Funny

There is an article in the university newspaper whose front page blurb reads “Special Olympics Floods Campus. See page 4.” Probably somebody thought that was funny, making a pun on current events with the word “flood”. I for one am not amused. I consider that neither funny nor appropriate. I don’t know who wrote that line, and that’s probably a good thing (for him).

Give Blood

What I did this morning… 

I Donate. Do you?

Back to School

Well, I’m back at Utah State, fully immersed in all the fun and excitement of college life.

You can tell a lot about a Computer Science professor when he introduces himself by telling you what open source projects he has founded or been on the leadership boards of. 

In another class, the professor was talking about distributed system programming, and made reference to internet web servers as an example of such. Then there was an exchange that went something like this:

Professor: You want one piece of your distributed system to run independently of the other, so if you have a webserver and it’s talking to-what’s the latest browser they’ve got out there?

One student: Deer Park! (?)

Professor: Well, I’m not really familiar with that one…

I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised. We’re all nerds here after all.

Cutting the Grass

I mowed the lawn today. Until recently I had neither a lawn to mow nor a blog to talk about it on. Now I have both. How exciting. I love being a home owner.

First Real Post

I uploaded my new blog today. This is it. Isn’t it great?

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